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Crochet lace uses steel hook which is approx. 6 inches long. Irish crochet, pineapple crochet and filet crochet are all types of crocheted lace. Embroidered laces are made on machine-made fabric using needles and plastic or wooden frame.

Moving further, there are different types of machines used in manufacturing lace. For example the stocking frame, the bobbinet machine, the hand embroidery machine and the barmen machine. The Rachel machine was invented in Germany. This machine worked at higher speed and works best with new kinds of synthetic fibres. Currently, most of the modern machine-made lace is made on Rachel machines.

Fulfill modern fashion needs

Fashion designers all over the world have created some endearing lace creations through innumerable ways and have instilled lace into modern clothing. Besides clothing, lace fabric has been adopted in making accessories like ankle boots, lace clutch even fine costume jewelry.

Lace is not only ruling the fashion world but it has showed its versatility in the home dcor sector also. Lace is the hottest trend of 2013 for home furnishing. Lace fabric, lace used as embellishment or lace stencil or pattern; lace in any form are being used in furniture, curtain, bedding, etc. A vintage lace table cloth over the dining table will add a royal touch to the space around.

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